We were enjoying the by sailing the boat and it was very big to take a full round. The kids with us were enjoying the nature’s view as well as the adults. The clear sky and the sunshine really gave us a best experience that we ever remember. On the next day we take a trip using the yacht charter and view some of the islands in the Kornati. It was also a beautiful experience for us and we start fishing in the middle of the sea. After this trip we went to a nearby restaurant for dinner and they served us some of the exclusive Croatia dishes, which are extremely delicious. On next morning we were yachting with some of our friends in Korcula and it was located near some mountains.

The natives of that place use the catamaran boat for traveling to different locations. Especially in the Murter the visitors can see plenty of catamaran boats. The mother tongue this country is Croatia (Croatian) however most of the people are fluent in different international languages. We got a wonderful experience while visiting many places in this country. While returning to our hotel we met an old native couple of the Hvar. They were explaining their life experiences to us and told some of the best thing about visiting the Croatia. On the last day we visit to the Split for taking the sunbath with our friends and that was really nice moment for us. We had created many unforgettable moments with our friends in this beautiful tourist spot.

Croatian Yachts